Welcome to the Lone Star Circuit!

Mission Statement - "The mission of the Lone Star Circuit is to actively promote and support the homebrew clubs, contests, and homebrewers of Texas."

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Officers of the Board & Sponsoring Clubs

Each club/competition nominated one member to be an officer on the Board at the inception of the Circuit. The tenure of each officer is determined by their will to be an officer, their continued membership in the club that they represent, and the will of their current club president's wishes. The President of the circuit is voted on by the current officers at the beginning of each year. At-large officers may be elected by the Board to keep an odd number of officers for voting purposes or to incorporate very key people from the homebrewing community.

Current Officers
Foam Rangers Doak Procter
North Texas Homebrewers Association Mike Grover
Knights of the Brown Bottle Danny Kocurek
Red River Brewers Kyle Mackay
The Cap and Hare Robert Scroggs
Kuykendahl Gran Brewers (KGB) Phillip Kaufman
Bay Area Mashtronauts Jeff Oberlin
Ale-ian Society Mark Romero
Bexar Brewers Travis Bullock
Austin Zealots (at large) Mark Schoppe
Cane Island Alers Mark Todd (President)